Pink Visual Celebrates 3g PinkvisualPad

In celebration of the release of Apple's 3G iPad™, leading adult entertainment studio Pink Visual has released its own "3G" iPad promotional campaign: a titillating (NSFW) photo shoot featuring Pink Visual models Tiffany Tyler, Jayme Langford and Amia Miley.

"Just like the iPad, our '3G' (Girl-Girl-Girl) tablet photo shoot is fingerprint-resistant, supports multi-touch, is easy to get a grip on, and it's both smooth and perfectly rounded," said Pink Visual Brand and Product Manager Kim Kysar. "Even better, unlike the iPad, our shoot doesn't need a stand, since it has six legs of its own, and it has an extremely long battery life. From the images themselves, it should also be pretty clear that our models support flash - or flash-ing, at least."

Kysar said that while the photo shoot was mostly a "cute play on the term 3G," the company has made a number of noteworthy improvements to its iPad-optimized products.

"The photo shoot was done as a lark, but it's also a way to draw attention the serious upgrades we've made to our iPad-related services since the iPad was first released earlier this month," Kysar said. "It's also in keeping with our overall corporate culture, which is equal parts goofball pornographer and serious tech geek."

In the few weeks since it launched its flagship iPad-optimized site PinkVisualPad.com (www.pinkvisualpad.com), the company has expanded its content offerings and made functional changes to improve the user experience for its iPad-equipped customers.

"In addition to our original iPad-optimized site, PinkVisualPad.com (www.pinkvisualpad.com), we've now launched a gay site at MaleSpectrumPad.com (www.malespectrumpad.com) and we've deployed html 5 to have the videos play in an overlay instead of opening in a separate player," Kysar said. "We're also offering erotic stories for our paying members, which can be viewed on the site directly, or downloaded directly to the tablet for reading anytime, including when the user is offline."

Pink Visual's iPad-optimized products are just the latest in a long series of moves by the company to stay on the leading edge of the mobile erotica market. Pink Visual launched its first site optimized for the iPhone in late 2007, and has authored apps both for the iPhone and for Android-based mobile devices.

Kysar said that Pink Visual's customers can count on the studio to keep a forward focus, and to "quickly adopt the latest technologies and available distribution platforms," adding that the focus on new technologies is "just in our blood as a company."